Founded in 2005, Magic Panda International is dedicated to providing one-stop commercial solutions with e-commerce as its core in the Chinese market for fashion brands, including the brand strategy, shop operation, digital marketing, IT solutions, visual design and other business modules. At present, we serve more than 60 international famous brands. The customers are spread in 12 countries and regions, and covering 6 vertical industries.

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  • Multivariate model

    To provide international brands with a variety of flexible cooperation modes, including the establishment of joint ventures, buy-out agents, and traditional TP operating commission system, to help international brands enter the Chinese market quickly.

  • Brand strategy

    To provide comprehensive brand strategy services for international brands before and after entering the Chinese market, including market research and analysis, competitor analysis and target consumer analysis.

  • Shop operation

    One-stop service provider of brand e-commerce, including the entry and construction of online shop, daily operation, breakdown and achievement of sales targets, marketing and resource position application, order fulfillment and customer service, etc.

  • New retail

    To provide international brands with the most cutting-edge new retail operation services relying on rich offline retail resources and operational experience, including the expansion and operation of offline stores, the creation of smart stores, etc.

  • Content marketing

    To develop a comprehensive content marketing plan for international brands in China, including social media operations, media and KOL collaboration, offline pop-up stores and events planning and execution, etc.

Commodity operation
product planning
product listing and optimization
new product planning
price / product monitoring
product promotion plan
product selling point extraction
Visual creativity
store design
short video shooting
microfilm shooting
graphic shooting
IT services
IT system docking
API development
inventory synchronization
order push management
database maintenance
customized development
Customer service
physical shop salesperson
e-commerce online service
telephone customer service
Intellectual property maintenance
domestic company registration
domestic trademark registration, alteration, transfer
rights protection against counterfeited products
Logistics service
bonded warehouse service
logistics in China
warehouse system docking
order push
Import service
import declaration
product quality inspection
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Magic Panda International has successfully helped over 60 internationally renowned fashion brands from 12 countries and regions around the world and 6 vertical industries to complete e-commerce and full-channel distribution and operation in the Chinese market.

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