MAGIC PANDA is one of the leading service providers in China’s e-commerce market. We provide a one-stop solution for domestic and foreign clients to establish business on China e-commerce platforms and help them continue to thrive.

Our wish:
To be a reputable pioneer company in the e-commerce industry;
Make our customers reassured and be at ease;
Raise the brand awareness for our clients ;
Make our partners and colleagues satisfied;
Our values:
People, Loving and Determination;


Founded in 2005, MAGIC PANDA boasts 12 years of experience in the e-commerce profession. MAGIC PANDA has been rewarded continuously for 7 consecutive years as the No.1 of TPs (Taobao Partners), winning a gold medal.

In the course of 2017, Tmall ranked MAGIC PANDA as the number one among all service providers, which shows our outstanding results.

Our story:

  • In 2005 MAGIC PANDA INTERNATIONAL took its first steps on Taobao,starting the E-commerce journey. After one year we grew into a crown store, becoming a professional and rare E-commercial seller.
  • In 2008, Tmall appeared - a platform on which we are one of the first groups of merchants.
  • On 11.11.2009, we participated to the first session of the 1111 festival. In 2010,Taobao Partner appeared and so we started the TP journey. On the 1111 festival of this year we sold millions for the brands with which we are operating.
  • In 2010,we cooperated with a High-end female apparel brand called “EP YAYING”. We offered them a whole e-commerce marketing plan and solutions. This company reformed and can now be considered as a mature female apparel brand. Hence we started our high-end third partner journey.
  • Founded in 2012, Magic Panda Studio operates in high-end female apparel brands such as EP YAYING, Marisfrolg, ELLASSAY,Jiuzi, Hexin, EIN etc. We are the leader in the e-commerce third-partner service area concerning the high-end female apparel brands.
  • Magic Panda Shanghai Company was founded in 2012 and signed with Pull and Bear and Bershka, both owned by Inditex (which owns brands such as Zara). We started to operate on the international apparel stage.
  • In 2015,TMALL.HK appeared. Magic Panda started to cooperate with international brands and was the first third-partner that TMALL.HK authorized.
  • In 2016, with the development of cross-border online shopping, MAGIC PANDA INTERNATIONAL became stronger and now counts offices in Shan Dong, Shanghai, Hong Kong and in Canada. Our customers come from Japan, Korea, US, UK, ITALY etc.
  • In 2017,we cooperated with more than 20 overseas companies and we are ranked as a 5 stars TP (Taobao Partner).