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E-Commerce Operation Service

Service for live-streaming marketing

Vertical service

Brand marketing

We are good at customizing marketing plan for clients, building the soul of a brand, and improving the performance of clients.Meanwhile, we can provide clients with improved services for brand strategy in the early, medium and later period, including market survey and analysis, competitor analysis, and target consumer analysis, prepare brand communication strategy, maintain the public relations with media, carry out marketing activities with brand events, and continuously acquire and maintain competitive advantages for clients.

Service contents:

Brand strategy consultation、
operation of official accounts on social media、
purchase and launch of KOL/KOC resources、
cooperation with celebrities/IPs、
planning and implementation of off-line events

Creative design

With an eye on the whole world, the visual designers of Magic Panda are skilled in expressing brands in an e-commerce-based manner from a rigorous perspective of visual expression. They also know the visual preference of e-commerce and consumers. Moreover, our professional teams of creative copywriting, photography, camera shooting, video production and design, can provide clients with services such as brand packaging, store visual design, creative ad shooting, short video shooting/editing, plane shooting/post production as required, so as to assist clients to stand out from the crowd in the market.

Service contents:

Brand image management、store site design, brand shooting、video shooting、brand design and packaging、isual product desig,netc


Professional service team/standard operational process
Cost-effective/high-quality/premium service/high efficiency